Kathy Sebright

Writer. Speaker. Believer. Runner. Truth Enthusiast.

Finding Hope in the Long Run

Accomplished ultra marathon runner, mother of a child with special needs, and noted writer, Kathy Sebright offers Finding Hope in the Long Run as an invitation to see the world through the depths of its darkness and discover the light that lies within all of us.

Throughout this turbulent memoir detailing the relentless and desperate pursuit of hope in the face of hopelessness, you will learn how you can make peace with the harshest seasons of your own life. Through reflections and journal opportunities amidst the backdrop of Kathy’s personal story, you will find the possibility for growth as you are encouraged to dig deep, hold onto faith, and find hope when it feels as if hope has abandoned you. There is no time like the present to begin moving forward in your life. As you read about how Kathy took her life back one step at a time, you may be inspired to do the same with your own life.

Finding Hope in the Long Run is available now through Amazon.

Crayons on my Toesies:
Colored by Craniosynostosis

A children’s book by Kathy Sebright.

Travis learns his little brother Emmett has a birth defect of the skull called Craniosynostosis and decides to rename it Crayons-on-my-toesies. Together, they learn about what it means to be brave during hospital visits and surgery. Realizing these experiences and differences are kind of like their very own superpowers, Super T and Awesome E are now on a very important mission to tell the world about Crayons-on-my-toesies.

Crayons on My Toesies is now available on Amazon.