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Emmett’s Endurance Event 2015


WIN_20150616_083216We are just 3 days away from running 100 miles in the hot, muggy haze of June.

And people have asked me – “what can I do to help?” If you are one of those people, I have an answer. It’s simple. Join me.  Run with me. Walk with me. Bike with me. Tell someone about Craniosynostosis for me. Wherever you are. Whatever you are doing. Join me in spirit this Friday, June 19th or Saturday, June 20th. You can even wear the official race bib if you are so inclined. Don’t worry that it says 100 miles. Your miles are a part of mine and every bit as important! That’s because together we are stronger. So if you want to help. Join me.

Click here for the bib: June 20 Race bib

3 thoughts on “Emmett’s Endurance Event 2015

  1. This was profound Kathy. I so admire you for your strength as a mother and athlete. To go thru that pain with your sweet baby and then commit to the physical endurance to train & do an ultra run is awesome. I am so moved by the article “she put on a lot of weight”…I have done that to myself for some 55 years, and running is the only thing (besides God) that has saved me, kept me sane thru abusive divorce, my struggles raising 3 children by myself, pain and overwhelming depression. You have inspired me more than you know. susanne


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